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Maximizing Distance and Control with the Right Golf Drivers

A golf driver is one of the standard golf clubs in a golfer’s arsenal. You need the right driver to make powerful long distance shots where it matters. You can easily spot golf drivers because of their large club head, long shaft and low loft. These specifications allow golfers to maximize their distance.

The large-headed golf drivers are technically designed to bounce the ball with higher velocity so that golfers can still make accurate shots out of off-center hits. The supersized head are optimized to provide more control and power to your shots. No matter how big they can get, a driver is surprisingly lighter than expected. The secret lies in the material used to make club heads: titanium.

A strong and light metal, titanium allows golf equipment makers to create oversized club heads without adding an ounce to its traditional weight. The use of composite materials such as carbon or tungsten in combination with titanium has enabled manufacturers to adjust weights around the club head with the goal of lowering the center of gravity and increasing distance.

Both the material and the size of the head combine to provide more forgiveness on off-center hits and help regular golfers achieve longer distances.

Golf Drivers

Finding the perfect driver for your type of swing has become an easier task with the multiple levels of adjust ability features available on many golf club brands and models today. With features like rotating hosels and movable weights, personalizing a golf driver has become an ordinary task for manufacturers and players. Nowadays, golfers are just a few settings away from becoming a big hitter.

Adjustability features are generally available on the loft, face angle and club head weight.


Finding the suitable loft and launch angle are vital. Higher loft almost always equates to longer distances because of the high launch angle it creates. An adjustable hosel allows golfers to modify their driver’s loft which, in turn, will alter its height, carry, and spin. Drivers usually provide as much as 4 or 5 degrees of loft adjustment.

When you buy a golf driver with adjustable loft, you will have to decide if you also need lie adjustment. A change in the driver’s loft usually results to a change in the lie, which can alter the ball’s flight horizontally.

Face Angle

Face angle is the club face angle at address. There are three types of face angles: square, open and closed. A face angle is square if it has zero degrees to the line of flight, open if it is open to the line of flight, or closed if it is closed to the line of flight.

Face angle plays an important role in determining ball direction. For instance, if you are a player who prefers to slice the ball, a closed angle will help you square the clubface and prevent the ball from curbing to the right.

Right Golf Drivers


Shifting the weights around the club head changes the center of gravity and Moments of Inertia (MOI), which can affect ball flight considerably. The objective is to achieve the best possible center of gravity at impact that will help you generate the most favorable ball flight.

You can say that technology plays a crucial part in influencing the outcome of a golf game. While skills, precision, strategy and endurance are still the main factors for determining game outcome, the right golf equipment will ensure that you will be at the top of your game regardless of your skill level, swing type and play condition.

With the ever evolving golf technology at your disposal, you may just achieve your performance target soon by choosing the most suitable equipment and knowing how to optimize its settings for your specific needs.

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