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Why Design Reuse Is More Advantageous for PCB Fabrication

PCB-Fabrication The schematic diagrams used on the design of printed circuit board or PCBs are often protected under Intellectual Property Rights. This means that one manufacturer’s design cannot be used for the PCB fabrication of its competitor. This has made it possible for some of the world’s leading producers of electronic devices to compete in healthy ways and to constantly innovate on their brand’s unique designs. However, there are some experts who propose that PCB designs be reused in certain ways by select groups of PCB innovators.

The proponents of design reuse for PCB fabrication have provided the following advantages in their arguments:

1.An overall improvement in the quality of the finished product. This is because electronic engineers would be working on an existing design that has already been previously tested by other engineers. This means that the engineer who would be re-using the design can focus on selecting more durable and high-quality materials instead of the previous focus on testing the design’s functionalities.

2.It reduces the time it takes between the production of a new product and its introduction to the market. This means that manufacturers would be able to gain a return on their product investments in less time than it would take when introducing a brand-new product made out of a brand-new PCB design.

Design reuse for PCB fabrication leverages on an existing diagram that has already been proven to work. Engineers would only have to focus on improving the different aspects of the existing design that has been known to cause problems in the past or to replace the features that consumers did not appreciate in the previous version. But people who do not specialize in electronics might ask why there is such a focus on shortening the time frame for PCB fabrication, thereby shortening the time it takes for a new product to be launched.

Answering this query requires taking a closer look at how printed circuit boards are created.

First, engineers would have to pick the right materials that would serve as the base of the circuit. Many engineers choose a fiberglass material that is coated with a thin sheet of copper because this base has already been tested and proven to be non-conductors. However, there are instances when a manufacturer might want to be truly innovative and test other materials that might be better than fiberglass as a base. This means adding a few more months to the PCB fabrication.

PCB FabricationAfter choosing the material for the base, the schematic diagram has to be drawn in order to determine which portions of the base board to drill holes on, as well as to be able to obtain the correct measurement of the design that would fit into the size of the circuit board. The next stage involves mounting each of the circuit board’s components one by one.

Great care has to be taken on this process because over-soldering a component could mean damage. And as every expert on PCB assembly already knows, a single bit of damage on any of the components is tantamount to a factory defect on the entire circuit board. It won’t function when one of the components is not functioning.

After mounting the components, the PCB would have to undergo a battery of tests to ensure that its voltage matches the voltage required for the finished product to function as designed. The tests would also determine whether there is any defect in any component that slipped the quality control officer’s notice. The PCB has to pass every test that it undergoes before engineers can give it the go signal to be used on new products. Otherwise, everyone would have to go back to the drawing board and start from square one.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cremation Over Traditional Burial

Arranging a funeral service after a sudden death of a loved one can be taxing. It can overwhelm anyone who is in the process of grieving. That is why pre-planning your own funeral arrangement is advisable to avoid further sufferings.

As you pre-plan a funeral service, there are certain things that you must take into consideration. One of these is the final disposition method you are going to choose.

There are two options available for your final disposition: traditional burial and cremation.

While traditional burial has been around for the longest time, cremating the remains of individuals has been gaining popularity in the recent years for the following reasons.

It Provides Flexibility

into-cremation-fireRelatives living in different parts of the world are common these days. In this setup, arranging a traditional burial service in case of sudden death of loved ones can prove difficult.
In traditional burial, there is a sense of urgency to bury the remains to avoid quick deterioration. However, in cremating, you can place the remains or “ashes” in an urn once cremated. You can then hold it indefinitely until loved ones are all gathered for the final disposition.
In addition, as the ashes are placed in an urn, it becomes easier to transport in case you need to travel. Urns are smaller and more portable compared to caskets, which make it suitable for trips.

It Has Tons of Creative Options

With the restriction of time and proximity out of the question, families can now plan the memorial service they want to bid their goodbyes. With cremation, there are plenty of options to do this.

Families may choose to scatter the ashes in significant places for the final disposition of the remains. They may also place the urn in a crematorium garden or bury it in the cemetery.

Whatever final disposition method they prefer, families can hold a celebration of life memorial to honor the legacy of their departed loved one. They may request for a certain motif to have a more personal touch. It can be anything like favorite sports, food or music that best describes the personality of their deceased member. This memorial can help ease the grief and make families accept that death has occurred.

It is Cost-Effective

Even after death, people are still obligated to pay for proper funeral services. In traditional burial, you will have to pay for funeral requirements including the most expensive ones: casket and burial plot. However if you choose to be cremated, you can cut huge portion of these after-death expenses, especially in direct cremation.

In this method, funeral services are eliminated, saving you from skyrocketing expenses these entail. However, since funeral services are usually held to ease the grief and comfort the remaining family members and friends, it is advisable to think this through carefully before coming up with a decision.

While some people view the method as still an expensive choice, since it requires tons of fuel to perform the process, advance techniques to reduce fuel cost are already available.
In addition, while cremating still requires caskets, there are available ones made from light wood materials that are a lot cheaper than the standard caskets.

If you wish to bury the urn, cremation plots are usually cheaper compared to the traditional burial plot. It also takes less space as it does not require a full-size burial plot.

It Addresses Environmental Concerns

CremationSince traditional burial involves heavy doses of chemicals during embalming, it can contaminate the ground which can result to infertility of the land. It can even risk the health of people living near the burial grounds.

While cremating has its own risks, such as carbon emissions, technological advancements have lessened its impact on the environment. Generally, this final disposition method is considered to be “greener” and more eco-friendly.

It Suits Personal Preference

Individuals pre-planning their funerals consider personal preferences in choosing their final disposition. And some people see cremating as the better means to adhere to their certain wishes, feelings, and beliefs.
For instance, people suffering from specific cases such as claustrophobia, fear of rotting and the likes find cremating the best way to address these worries even after death.

With the advantages of cremation at hand, the decision to choose which method of final disposition lies in your hands. Just keep in mind to consider all the available options before deciding on which method you desire.


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