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How to Start a Gaming Blog?

Almost anyone who go online play games. Some users download games on their mobile phones or to their computers. You will also notice that developers are enhancing or creating new games for the users. If you are one of those online users who are fond of playing games, why not consider starting your own gaming blog and monetize it. You can write about gaming reviews or anything about the gaming industry. Here is your guide if you want to become successful in your gaming blog.

The Basics

HostingChoose your domain. The first step is to get your own domain name. This is better than just getting a free blog at WordPress or other websites that offer free blogging service. When choosing a domain, make sure it is attractive enough to compel a user to visit your blog. Make sure it is also related to the gaming industry. Avoid long domain names. Choose a one or two- word domain name for your blog.

Hosting.  Look for a hosting website, which is affordable and offers good service. You may want to read up on recommendations about the best hosting sites on the internet before deciding on one.

Choose a Theme. You need to decide what your gaming site will look like. There are free themes that you can choose from, or you can opt for the paid themes. The paid ones are better than the free theme, but since you are still starting out as a gaming blogger, getting a free theme will do.

Monetizing your blog

Okay, we’re done with the basics. You’ve already written a few review articles about games and you decide to start marketing your blog. Marketing is essential if you want to be successful with blogging. This is how you actually reach out to online gamers. Other options are also available for you. You can even find sites, like ours, that can help you monetize your blog. If you want to just write content on your blog and hire a company to do all the work for you, then you can hire a company like us, or you can do all the legwork. It’s all up to you.

Here are some tips to help you become successful with your gaming blog:

Social MediaTake Advantage of Social Media. Successful websites always use social media as their marketing platform. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vibe, etc. Advertise your blog on all of your social media accounts. We do not mean just announcing that you have a blog. Link all your new posts to your social media accounts to let the users know that you have new updates for your blog.

Search Engine Optimization. You need to be on top of the search engine rankings if you want new users for your blog. How do you cause traffic? Use white hat search engine techniques. If you are highly adept with SEO then use your skill to monetize your blog. Of course, you need to still write good content for your blog. Content is still king when it comes to blogging. You will never go wrong if you can write well, and if you know how marketing and monetizing a blog works.

Know your competitors. It is essential for a blogger to make friends with other bloggers or do guest postings. It is also important for a gaming blogger to check what other bloggers are writing about. Look for what is popular in the market and what people want to read about in a gaming blog. You may want to use forums for this. Make sure you participate and interact not just with bloggers but with gamers as well. After all, they are your target market. Of course you need to know what they want from a gaming blog.

It is not complicated to start a gaming blog. You can already set up one in just a few minutes. If you are really passionate about games, then you better start writing about that first gaming post and let the world know about it.