How Good are Custom Embroidered Patches for Branding

Regardless of the nature of business a company has, it is imperative to establish a brand  that the market will easily recognize. This is the concept of branding and businesses will have to take on some techniques and strategies that will allow them to position their brand positively with their target market. One of the strategies that can be applied to gain positive branding is through the use of custom embroidered patches.


The custom embroidered patches are personalized pieces of art created with the use of fabric backing thread and a needle. To attach the said patches to the surface they were intended for, they need to be attached with a pin or sewn on. More modern attachment methods include dryer heat activation adhesive, Velcro backing, and iron on.

It is definitely advantageous to use these patches to help establish the business branding. One of the advantages of using the patches is in advertisement. Embroidered patches on shirts, bags, caps, or any other clothing can become a walking billboard for the business. Employees or regular clients wearing these clothing with the patches attached can promote the business to others without really exerting effort to do so.

The professional-look these custom embroidered patches have will raise the quality of the employee’s uniform. The patches will add a classy touch to the uniforms, caps, or other company-related clothing. Just be sure to utilize a classic embroidery technique during the creation of these patches.

The said patches can also differentiate the business with that of its competitors. Remember that when promoting the business, it is a must to be a cut above the rest. The extra step of adding patches to an employee’s uniform allows the clients who see to remember the business better. Clients will then look for the business when they need help in the future.

As its name suggests, it is possible for the company to personalize the custom embroidered patches. The company’s logo can be used as a design for the patches. By using the company’s logo, the company can grab the opportunity of being branded and recognized by the market. If not the logo, the company’s theme or even the company’s name can be used as a replacement. The company basically has a say on what the design of the custom patches should be like or what should be included in them.

The flexibility of the patches is incomparable to any other promotional material. When it comes to custom embroidery, there is no need to think about getting restricted to use only certain types of embroidery materials. That is actually not true. When using the custom embroidery, it is possible to choose from a plethora of materials which include track jackets, denim, cotton, fleece sweatshirts, hats, and even aprons. For a better outcome though, it would be ideal to ask for recommendations regarding what type of embroidery works better on what type of material.

Embroidered-patchesLastly, the advantage of having many experts in the field of custom embroidery is very appealing. After all, this means that business owners can choose from a pool of highly qualified custom embroiderer. These are the experts who are capable of giving advice regarding what design to use, how to personalize, what materials and embroidery technique to apply, what colors will match, and even what fabric choices to pick. The experts are also capable of handling other promotional materials that the company might need. These promotional materials may be bags, jackets, or hats.

With these benefits, it is only natural to choose custom embroidered patches for promoting the company’s brand. As long as the right custom embroiderer is chosen to produce the embroidered patches for the company, then the investment made for this marketing material will not go to waste. Positive results will definitely be achieved in no time.


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These custom embroidered patches will raise the quality of the employee’s uniform.