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SEO Simplified

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is one of the most popular marketing tools used nowadays by companies who want to make a strong online presence.  With over 2.5 billion internet users, it’s no surprise that businesses are competing to get a share of this market.

This tool utilizes advanced marketing techniques that at first glance may seem too SEOcomplicated for a regular person.  However, with the right information, almost anybody can understand the basics.  So, if you’re looking at investing a portion of your marketing budget towards SEO, It would be beneficial to know how it works.

Optimizing your website means applying various elements to get high ranking on search engine result pages or SERP.  This can be profitable for your company as most consumers use search engines to find what they need. There are two different ways to get a good rating.

Organic Search – Utilizes keywords and links to improve SERP ranking.  You can do this on your own or hire experts to help you improve your site.


When a person goes online and uses a search engine, what they do, is basically type a word which describes what they need.  If they were looking for bath towels, they would probably type “towels”.  This is the keyword the search engine will use.  Now, there are possibly thousands of companies from store to online retailers who sell this product.  That means there are a lot of websites that would be recommended.  What every company would want to happen is to be one of the first few results.

The search engine uses what is called a spider or a web crawler to review all registered websites to find the most relevant ones.  A blog about cleaning the bathroom with towels will probably have less of the keyword than a retailer who has different types of towels listed.  The spider is able to identify this and send back the results.  So on the SERP, only the appropriate sites will be listed.

The keyword count plays an important role in getting the ratings of a website up.  However, too much may result in spamdexing which will have negative effects.  Search engines now have safeguards against this.

One other important fact to know is that keyword placement is also part of the analysis.  The spider will check the content and review whether the words are in relevant locations.


This element is actually quite simple and easy to understand.  A hyperlink or link for short is a way to navigate between pages and sites online.  You often used these links when browsing online.  So when you click on a site to get more information about a product you SEO Linksare interested in, you use a link.

Now, how do these affect ranking?  When external sites backlink to another site, this is considered as a referral or recommendation.  And like in any business, a lot referrals usually mean it’s a credible and reputable business.  That’s why when search engines first looked at links, they only evaluated based on number.

However, there were some SEO practices that abused this analysis.  As a result, search engines now check the quality of the links and evaluate the ranks of the external websites.

Paid Search or PPC (Pay per Click) – When a company has a paid search marketing strategy, their website is listed before the organic SEO’s on the SERP.  This is a great way to invite more traffic.  Although it does have additional costs, as companies are charged every time a user clicks on their paid listing.

PPC also uses keywords to ensure that the site is one of the top paid results.PPC

Paid Keywords

This functions the same way as a keyword does on an organic search.  The main difference is that these come with a cost.  Companies pay for what they want to use based on popular search terms.  According to research, the top 3 most expensive keywords used are insurance, loans and mortgage.  These categories can cost a company up to $55 in investment for one keyword alone.

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